💜 FREE 3-DAY  BOOTCAMP November 4-5-6💜


Learn my secrets & practical tools to master your energy and conquer your life!  In times of uncertainty, we tend to forget our commitments to self and allow the outside noise to seep in. Join me for this 3 day event that will keep you committed to you, your sanity and your well being.


Learn how you get to drop the excuses and remain in control! You get to create more joy, health & abundance ALWAYS!  In times when the world around us feels so chaotic, the only thing we control is ourselves.


Three days

1hr LIVE together

Three powerful topics & daily actions




Jen is the best mentor that I could ask for.  As I go through different phases of life trying to be the best version of myself, she has been there every step of the way.  She is always there knowing exactly what I need to move forward.


Jen envelopes you in love and creates a safe space.  I was able to heal things I didn't realize I needed to heal. 


 The MasterMind has transformed my life over the last six months allowing me the freedom I’ve been seeking for so long 🙏 Finally taking the leap of faith, trusting and believing in myself has opened me up to opportunities I never thought possible. It’s amazing what happens when you put yourself first- the lens you view yourself and life ….changes 💚🙏✨


  • Clarity- Gain clarity on your blind spots.
  • Self Awareness- It all begins with awareness.  Let's see where you can become more intentional in your life and reclaim control.
  • Body Language- Discover the language your body speaks.  Learn to tune in and listen.
  •  Release-  Experience Breathwork that will allow you to release all the build up within to create more space and clarity.
  • Commit- Recommit to you and your well being today.  Stop allowing the outside world to dictate your inner state of being.
  • Map-  Create your blueprint to success using tools and practices that will help you maintain the Frequency you choose!
  • BONUS! Get Direct Access to Soul Centered Mentor, Jen Gagnon for all your inquiries.

I know you're ready to create change.  Let's SHIVOT  (pivot and shift) together!











Day 1

Learn more about Jen, her work, her pillars and how they can help you create the life you deeply desire.  Tap into awareness and recognize your blind spots.  Then get clear on what you are truly committed to through some practices and techniques.

Day 2

Are your bodies in homeostasis {MIND/BODY/SOUL}?  Time to dive deep within to see where you're allowing the outside chaos to become your inner state of being.  Energetically resetting to align with your highest potential using breath.

Day 3

Recommit to yourself and choose to create a different narrative from intentional awareness.  Decide what you are available for and let's create your map to stepping into your highest power in the energy of abundant flow.


Jen Gagnon

My name is Jen Gagnon, and I'm a Soul Centered Mentor. I help my clients become crystal clear on their desires, drop the BS excuses and finally start doing life on their terms. I support my clients to love themselves enough to create more happiness, health and abundance in their lives!

My clients accomplish their personal goals by using my proven combination of techniques from holistic health, mindset work, energy management,  and breathwork. Everybody knows that in order to live your best life now, you must align, mind, body and soul....and that's what we do in my world!  

On a personal note...I love to spend time in nature with my 3 kiddos and husband.   We love to travel as a family, and have been traveling the Mediterranean as we live aboard our catamaran.   If you're anything like me- you will find that these techniques, practices and tools will help you live a beautiful life by design! Ready?? Let's go! 

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